Rize Tranquility II TXL Electric Adjustable Bed

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  • Flashlight Remote Light your way in the dark with the flashlight on the back of the remote
  • Easy To Carry Slim, lightweight frame folds up to be easy to carry and fit around tight corners (without sacrificing durability)
  • Gravity Release built in safety feature to reduce stress on objects caught under the bed, so there’s no worry about pinching or pressing
  • Incline position Get neck support and lift your feet up for better support and relaxation while you read, work, watch, or browse. Get to a flat position with the push of a button
  • Battery Backup Even during a complete power outage, the battery backup system allows you to return your bed to a flat, neutral position
  • Six Legs For Added Support We added two more steel post legs so you never have to worry about support
  • Programmable positions Once you find a favorite position, you’ll never want to go back. Save your custom settings to use any time. Simply set the bed to go through a series of positions automatically
  • Flat Position Press one button to return to a flat, neutral position