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We are proud to be a local carrier of Malouf products. This company continues to amaze us with its quality, integrity, and incredible mission to give back through the Malouf Foundation.

Take a moment to learn more about this brand and you will see why we are so proud to carry their products.

Founders Sam and Kacie Malouf transformed from a two-person operation into a company with over 11,000 product choices. They found a common thread tying consumers together—the desire for comfort, identity, and value.

They have explored the globe, hunting for artisanal bedding honed through generations of practice in countries throughout the globe. They’ve refined modern products. For example, infusing unique foams with natural materials and improving the features and usability of adjustable bed bases.

The result is an ode to time-tested materials fused with the freshness of cutting-edge technologies.


Throughout their 18 years in the business, the Malouf company learned a lot. They believe strongly that the first step toward better sleep is putting people first. And they do. Every day they work to put customers first with high-quality products, efficiency, and great service. Malouf also puts employees first with unique company culture, and families first through the Malouf Foundation.


Sam and Kacie established the Malouf Foundation to further their primary goal and help people sleep better. In addition to donating sleep products to many organizations, the Foundation fights child sex trafficking and exploitation.

The Malouf Foundation funds rescue missions to free enslaved children, outfits aftercare centers for child survivors and provides educational and employment opportunities for each child. They have partnered with Operation Underground Railroad to develop OnWatch training, a tool that teaches people to recognize the signs of sex trafficking and how to help.



When we started our bedding company Malouf™ in 2003, we recognized our products could help meet a primary need for children and families experiencing hardship. We began with a community-centered approach, donating bedding to women’s shelters, safe homes, foster care families, and public events. Over the next few years, our contributions continued to multiply, so in 2016, we formalized our charitable efforts and created a public charity called the Malouf Foundation™.

In 2017, the Malouf Foundation™ adopted our flagship cause to confront child sexual exploitation. As the parents of five children, it was heartbreaking to learn that millions of children are victims of this horrible crime. When we became aware of the issue, we immediately took action by donating sleep products to survivor aftercare centers nationwide.

Today, the Malouf Foundation™ partners with industry experts and survivor leaders to educate the public and increase survivor identification. We collaborate with healthcare providers and other specialists to help survivors heal and take their lives back. We work with law enforcement and government officials to improve prosecution processes so perpetrators are held accountable.

Stop by Family Mattress & Furniture to experience the Malouf difference for yourself. Not only are they great products but they support a great cause. Win, Win, Win!


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